Decoy Device

Functional device designed to distract attention when being faced with a criminal action, which has the objective of damaging or extracting the telematic device and/or the GPS, interrupting its correct operation.


The decoy device is an electric component which is connected to the telematics device GO by geotab, energized from an electric source in the vehicle. It has an integrated card and functional logic, meaning that before the energy interruption, it generates an electric pulse, which if connected to the Geotab device, will allow the transmission of the electric pulse to the platform. In turn, this will allow an early event to be set.


The decoy device’s primary function is to emit an early alert through the GO unit to the geotab platform when there is an intervention to the connection or the energy is cancelled out. The decoy device can also be complemented with a unit (optional) that can be used to cut the electrical current or block the fuel injection of pump, with the intention of immobilising the vehicle and act as an early alarm, without losing the GPS positioning traceability. Therefore, stopping the possible movement of the vehicle.

The available actions available over the vehicle can be cutting the fuel, cutting electrics completely or cutting out the ignition after the motor is turned off. All of these options can de determined by the client, including technical, commercial and/or security aspects.  

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Relevant information to consider:

• In a standard installation, it is recommended that decoy device be kept far from the GP by Geotab device, in a visible and easy-to-access location, so that the device can carry out the objective it was designed for.
• The device(s) must be well installed and fixed, in order to avoid possible faults caused by movements or vibrations from operation of the vehicle.
• Once installed, it’s very important not to intervene with the installed device, keeping its location and condition appropriate, maintaining it’s correct function and operation.
• The device(s) do not require preventative maintenance by the client nor the provider. Only in case of defects will there need to be corrective action carried out. 

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